Partnering for success

We offer a 360-degree approach that enables us to initiate a project, oversee it through its lifecycle and ensure it functions optimally for many years to come. We see these stages as our key pillars:

1. Architectural and interior design

We realise your vision for a built environment in terms of both external structures and interior space layout.

In collaboration with the various stakeholders in a project, and taking into account the location and context, we design both internal and external environments. Internal environments include the layout of shopping centres to ensure optimal traffic flow.

Our design response is different for each client, as we take into account the individual factors that influence the solution, such as the purpose of the building or facility, cultural and historical influences, building materials and finishes and energy efficiency. Combining designers’ talents with technology, we produce high-quality plans that allow for flexibility and detail. Depending on the brief, we can provide details down to the level of the furniture layout, furnishings, fabric selection and lighting.

2. Turnkey design and build

An exceptional design can only be realised if it is correctly implemented and the details are executed in line with the plan. With our insight to project plans, we can oversee and manage the construction of projects to ensure they are completed in line with the design. This includes project planning, undertaking feasibility studies, preparing tender documents, preparing and submitting documentation to local authorities and site supervision. We have experience in working with the construction teams and local building materials in various countries.

3. Facility management and technical maintenance

Our clients expect their building or facilities to function optimally for many years and we know a project intimately when we are involved in its design and/or construction. This positions us well to provide ongoing support and maintenance when a project is completed.

This requires a range of integrated services, from site management and operations support to engineering, safety management, building maintenance, supervision of sub-contractors and procurement of service providers. We are able to troubleshoot and solve issues quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. Our unique software applications enable us to gather client feedback, as well as analyse data on spaces. This enables us recommend redesigns and improvements.

Underlying solutions

Drawing on our range of skills and experience, we may apply several solutions to successfully and sustainably achieve our clients’ goal:

Civil engineering

We design, oversee and manage the construction of projects including bridges, buildings, township developments, industrial projects or the upgrade of infrastructure.

Environmental planning

As we develop plans for land use in urban and rural areas, it is often necessary to conduct environmental impact assessments.

We conduct environmental studies (such as botanical, hydrologic, geotechnical, pollution and water quality), as well as transport and traffic studies.

Project development

We initiate projects, setting objectives, defining the scope, establishing a strategy for completion and determining the work breakdown structure. This document details the work plan, budgets and financial controls, as well as identifies the role players and defines their responsibilities.

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We take a practical approach that aims to balance client requirements with environmental resources and restrictions. To achieve best results we may also conduct environmental studies as part of the project.

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We aim to achieve a balance between sustainability and development, and minimise the impact of a project on the environment. This would also entail adhering to the environmental laws and regulations of the country.

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By dividing projects into smaller, more manageable tasks while retaining an overview of the entire project, we can control a project and make meaningful progress.

We also include an estimation of cost and the time needed to complete a project. We exercise flexibility in refining initial plans and revert timeously to clients in the event of significant budgetary changes or a possible time overrun.

Project management

We plan, execute and control projects to achieve specific goals by deadline and within budget.

Urban design

As urbanisation continues at a rapid pace, we design residential areas that take into account the environment, lifestyle trends, transportation, security, schooling, green spaces and other factors.

Our track record

With our experience, technical knowledge and local and global connections, we deliver cost effectively, within budget and by deadline. Our track record since our launch in 2008 is a testimony of our success.

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We plan, execute and control projects to achieve specific goals by deadline and within budget. Combining a high level view with a detailed approach, we identify resources, assign roles and responsibilities to various participants and stakeholders, and monitor and control the process to successfully bring a project to completion. This is a convenient service for clients who have large projects or those who do not have the expertise or time to do so.

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By conducting environmental testing and achieving stakeholder consensus, we provide viable and creative solutions, even in challenging contexts. Our designs acknowledge the unique character and qualities of the area to be developed. We coordinate the design of buildings, public spaces, neighbourhoods, towns, cities and cultures to create a desirable urban space.

We provide innovative and professional architectural services beyond client expectations.