Mobile solutions for better building design

Miradi Group will soon be launching an innovative application suite that offers a convenient and objective solution to improve the design process.

Miradi Group is a pioneer in developing and deploying mobile-enabled, web-based solutions to collect and analyse data during the design process. This will enable better user-driven and functional architectural design solutions.

Unfortunately, most designers rely on the assumed ‘skill’ of observation to make so-called ‘expert’ judgment, as they interpret the visual data that will form the basis of their design solutions. This is unscientific and subjective. Factors that are assumed may yield bad designs that do not respond to user needs in a rapidly changing world, where what traditionally constitutes ‘good’ design is being challenged by the millennial mind-set. Generation Y, those born from the early 1980s to around 2000, are less likely to espouse values held by their older peers.

Good architectural design is underpinned by the quality of data on which a designer bases his or her solutions. As buildings become increasingly complex, with multiple users each with their own spatial, functional and aesthetic requirements, designers face the challenge of collecting huge amounts of subjective data and translating it into a functional programme or brief. This is important to effectively address user requirements. From a mathematical perspective, accumulating all this variable data is a classic statistical analysis problem.

How then should a modern architect collect user data that will aid in making informed design decisions?

Modern technology, such as the pervasive smart phone, 4G-connectivity, cloud-based applications and the internet, are powerful tools that can be used to collect and analyse huge amounts of user data that are captured in real time through mobile-enabled questionnaires, photos and video. A mobile app hosted on a smart phone can therefore be a data collection tool. Statistical analysis software, which is readily available, can then be used to analyse and present the results in a simple and comprehensible manner.

Miradi Group will soon be releasing its Raadi™ mobile-enabled application suite, which provides all these tools on a single platform. This will enable architects to effectively collect and analyse data, and use the results to produce better building performance and achieve maximum user satisfaction.

Jacob Motanya